mercurio líquido de plata, mercurio líquido rojo
Anónimo Viernes 10 de Marzo del año 2017 / 8:44
We are supplier of all kinds of liquid mercury such as: silver liquid mercury, red liquid mercury, mercury main virgin liquid and others Our product can be used for various purposes. This product does not stick to the bottle. We pack our product in a 34.5kgs steel bottle and we can pack it in smaller quantities only on demand. Our price can not be beat because it is very cheap. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details. We have increased productivity in mercury and now we are looking for buyers around the world. Because we? It is easy: - High quality products. - the purity of the available liquid mercury is at least 99%. - ensuring no presence of any impurity. - satisfy the demands of customers. - guaranteed delivery. We ship legally all over the world without any custom barrier. Please leave us a message to place your order with your complete contact details and we will contact you. Feel free to email us directly ( )

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